Spin-Off to Pay-Off, Joe Cornell, CFA

Spin-Off To Pay-Off Joseph W. Cornell

Inside Strategies to Exploit This Market Anomaly

Spin-Offs are one of today’s richest windfall investment opportunities, but only for investors who know the rules! Corporate spin-off expert Joseph W. Cornell tells you everything you need to know, from why spin-offs exist to how you can profit from them time after time, in Spin-off to Pay-off.

Spin-off to Pay-off shows how, with information available to everyone, you can determine which spin-offs will create undervalued and “under-followed” corporations, then move to profit from these market inefficiencies before the rest of the investment community slowly catches on. This groundbreaking book shows you:
  • How the tax advantages of a spin-off can create even more profit potential for corporations and investors.
  • Key questions that you must answer for yourself before investing in a spin-off
  • 3 periods when you can invest in a spin-off—and why the right timing may be more important than the right stock!
  • Case histories of recent highly-investor-friendly spin-offs, and which companies are in position to be next!
  • How to recognize when a spin-off has become fully-valued—and when it still may have huge profit potential!

Successful investing is a knowledge-intensive business, and when you know what to look for and how to react your trading successes are bound to follow! Spin-off to Pay-off takes you inside the little-known yet lucrative world of corporate spin-offs, teaches you strategies and practices to take advantage of this insider’s game, and opens your eyes to the profit potential behind every business headline!

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