Spin-Offs: YTD Comparison 2013 vs. 2013

Spreadsheet of Spin-Off Performance available for download:

  Link to Spreadsheet:   2012-2013 Spin-Off Performance & Data Spreadsheet

Total Market Capitalization:

2013 (1/1 - 5/30): Parent Mkt Cap*: $394,473 (Million)

2013 (1/1 - 5/30): Spinco Mkt Cap*: $129,980 (Million)


2012 (1/1 - 5/30): Parent Mkt Cap*: $123,098 (Million)

2012 (1/1 - 5/30): Spinco Mkt Cap*: $ 52,940 (Million)

* using close of 5/29/13

Companies are looking to increase shareholder value. Spin-Offs are a proven path to create value.  Spin-Offs have outperformed the S&P 500 in 2012 by 30 percentage points.  Spin-Off Research is the number one subscription-based independent research provider to Professional and Institutional Investors.


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